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Better Power Than Coffee And Energy Boosting Vitamins

Energy Boosting VitaminsIf you want to have the same high energy levels all throughout the day, what is your healthy choice for a boost? Can you imagine a better healthy brain power stimulant than coffee? Coffee is accepted as a tolerable, tasty, convenient and not too expensive product, if you need something to wake up with.

Coffee, if freshly ground, and brewed within twenty minutes, provides some antioxidants. But, it will not give you energy all day, without depleting your brain’s levels of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which creates mental energy and mental clarity.

So don’t we love coffee! French roast, Italian roast, Fair Trade, Organic, Espresso coffee! Latte, Vanilla, double-shot, iced… we are hooked. But here is the problem: caffeine depletes acetylcholine! Decreases our brain power! Leaves us high and dry. Unless…we have more coffee.

Can’t Sleep All Night?

You may need something with better power than coffee to get your brain going every morning. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite coffees and the different roasts and flavors you love. You can get almost anything decaf.

So do you have any nutrition options? Coffee imitations? Coffee imitations are usually made from grains. They are calorie intensive. Maybe better to avoid.

Energy Boosting Vitamins

Always, number one choice, a whole food Vitamin B Complex. This is an ongoing recovery of your better brain powers, and overall health. Definitely start now. But for better power than coffee, understand some basics about how your brain powers up. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine is triggered by choline, other important nutrients…and caffeine!

However, over the hours following a great cup of your favorite, or vending machine, coffee, acetylcholine is depleted – used up. That’s when you start feeling morning brain fog and sluggishness all over again. So you have another cup of coffee.

A while later, your acetylcholine is even more depleted, so you have another cup of coffee. But…later…you can’t sleep all night.

If this is your experience, here is one of your nutrition options. Guarana. Guarana is like caffeine – coffee – in that it is also a natural, plant product. The main difference with guarana, or guaranine, is that it also provides some omega 3 fatty acids in its makeup. Omega 3 oils are true brain boosting nutrients.

Guarana is also a brain stimulant, like caffeine. The presence of omega 3 oils results in the drink, or supplement, processing more slowly and steadily than caffeine. That means you will receive a more sustained affect, over more hours. This is WAY better power than coffee.

Here is another nutrient among your many nutritional options that helps get your brain going. Choline. Choline also contributes to the release of acetylcholine. Your brain power gets a good restart periodically if your choline levels are high enough.

Which gives you energy all day. When you’re young, your choline levels stay higher, the same for many nutrients. As you get older, your choline levels decrease. So, no problem. You just need to supplement with choline to boost your brain power.

There is certainly much to know about energy boosting vitamins. I hope I have explained a little. And here’s where you can get a nutritional supplement that is a better power than coffee.

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